Monday, February 28, 2011

Wham Bam Shazam!

Technology is amazing! I've heard all about these apps that recognize the music your playing but never had I thought that it would "really" work.

So, yesterday I was sitting in the car (not driving) listening to the radio (Spin FM) when a song was played and I thought "wow, this woman has a great voice". I figured I'd give Shazam a try, since the radio DJ wouldn't say the name of the artist. Lo and behold! It took all of only 5-10 seconds and it had identified the song. So cool!! I'm almost as impressed as the first time I tried bluetoothing something!

I highly recommend it. One way to get it -->

Oh... and the song that I was so impressed by was "I'm gonna miss you" by Brian Culbertson (feat Lory Perry) from Somethin' Bout Love album.

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