Monday, April 30, 2007

27... ...and counting!

So, another year has gone by, but hey, I'm still alive and kicking...
No big drama with getting older this year, the 'sad' thing is that already in January I thought I was 27.

So which is worse, being 27 or not knowing that you're not 27? :-) I'm not sure, but I guess it doesn't matter. Now at least it's a fact that I am.

Today is Vappu/Vappen, no big drama with that either. I think we're staying home, no big inspiration to go get pissed drunk and crawl around Central Helsinki... I could say "been there, done that" but in order not to incriminate myself I'll let the readers use their imagination.
We have been blessed with the presence of our niece/godchild, Smilla, so we can use the excuse of dog-sitting to just stay home. Is this a symptom of (old) age? Not as eager to join crazy parties. Somehow I don't think so as already this year there have been quite a few crazy parties. :-)

So what plans do we have for ESC 2007 in Helsinki? hmmm... damn, gotta get busy sorting out something fun! It's hopefully gonna be big and lound and pretty damn camp :-)

*Inviiiincibleeeeee* ;)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

One turn, deadend?


So, on Monday I started my new job. More (but not much) about it in a bit.

Last time I wrote I was at a crossroads. Since then I've taken a few turns, flips and flops. So my last job ended at the end of March. I managed to have a 2½ week vacation (first since July 2005). One week of that was spent in Åre, it was great, absolutely gorgeous. I went there for a skiing holiday with my darling Tååni, and my darling brother. And we didn't even end up killing each other.
The trip up was quite an adventure. We drove via Åbo, took the SeaWind ferry over to Stockholm. The ferry was somewhat of an experience, the best way I can describe it is "cheap and cheerful". Then we drove via Gävle and visited some relatives. When leaving Gävle we got stuck in a massive snowstorm, so the drive up to Åre took something like 8hrs.
The week there was heavy hardcore snowboarding and skiing. The weather was so-so, but it was fun.
No problems with the trip pack.

So after returning from there I dedicated my time to finding a job. I only had to be officially unemployed for 2 weeks before my new job began. The title is Content Administrator/Manager and I'm working through Eilakaisla for one of their clients. For now it's until the end of June 2007, but it might continue, we'll see what happens.
So far it's been great, I finally got my own computer yesterday :) it only took 1 week to get it formatted and cleaned...
There's a LOT of things to learn, but so far it's all really interesting and I truly feel I'm actually understanding and learning what I'm doing or supposed to do. Which is nice. It's always nice to work with something which is interesting and rewarding in the way that you feel you know what you're doing. All I can say is that I think I at some time have been in a job or jobs where that has not been the case.
Of course there are a few things I could wish to be a bit 'better' or different, but this is good for now.

Happy belated Easter and upcoming Vappu!