Thursday, November 09, 2006

Vacation in sight

The second good news this week (and this one's not related to politics):

I'm getting a vacation!!!!

I'm über-thrilled!! So, March 2007, 1 week skiing/snowboarding in Åre. That's a skiing resort town thingie in Sweden. I'm so looking forward to it. Especially sinceI haven't been skiing since high school (and yes, believe it or not, that is a long time ago!!). SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Yay yay.Whooptydoo!

Ooooh, so much to plan!! What should I wear?!?!?! ;-)

*muah* pumpkins

p.s. and I'm also happy about the Dems getting the Senate.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank you and Congratulations US of A

Wow, this is one of the only times I will discuss politics on here.

But I just wish to express my joy at the Democrats winning the midterms! It's not by much, but hopefully it will have some effect on the current "isolation through aggression" policy that has been going on for long enough.

We will see what happens, but any change is a good one. And getting rid of Rumsfeld, GOOD! Still a few asses left in leading positions though ;-)

Hasta luego!

"Regnar i Rio" - men knappt i Helsingfors

Ååååh, Lisa Nilsson is a fine woman. And for those of you who do not know ->

Last night she held a concert in Helsinki at Savoy. And I have to say the music was lovely. Her voice is gorgeous, indeed, and the Brazilianesque band was quite cool and funky.

It is so nice to hear artists who sound good also live and who 'really' sing. There are enough of those out there that lip sync or do other kinda cheap crap :-)

Approx 90% of the material in the concert was from her latest album Hotel Vermont 609, which is a result of her hiatus year in Brazil. Most of it I really liked, some of it is was mediocre. She also payed homage to Aki Sirkesalo, her personal friend who passed away in "the tsunami", by singing their duet Mysteriet. Other old stuff she sang was Viola, Himlen runt Hörnet and Små Rum. Having adapted them to the band, some of them had lost a little of the "charm" that they have in their simplicity.

Overall it was a great 2h concert. And the geeza playing the funky tambourine was really cool. The amount of noises one can get from an instrument like that is amazing.

But I just can't get over how boring the crowd is in most of the concerts I have been in Finland. I mean, they seem to appreciate the music (they clap) but other than that they just sit there. Some even dare to tap their leg to the rhythm of the music. But yesterday it was justa bit sad, as the sounds were so much "south american" and to me that demands the opportunity to sway and dance and express oneself.

...or then I'm just a drama queen...

Well, that was this month's cultural event. In December it will be Club for Five's Christmas Concert (also in Savoy).

On Monday we got our first "official" snow in Helsinki, yay (!)