Sunday, March 23, 2008

Growing up...

So yes my dear pumpkins, Anton got a 'real' job. i.e. got a permanent contract... wow... ehrm... eeek... hmmm....
For those of you who don't know, I now work as a consultant and I work in the telecoms industry. You'll have to ask for more details if you want them.
Now I can for a moment forget about that "what the f*ck am I gonna do in 3 months time?" whining that's been going on for way too long. And now I can concentrate on the essential... (oh yeah, if someone wants to define 'essential' for me, please feel free).

Yes, it has been almost 9 months since I last wrote, but hey, they world's still spinning, and no, I haven't been pregnant, so no such news either. I've just been going about my business as usual. Some people got married, others were born, c'est la vie.

Merry Christmas, Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to those I have forgotten.

So... what's in store for this year?

April - allergy month, no big happenings except for me getting another bonus in the age department..
May - WEDDING BELLS (not for me). This year EVERYBODY seems to get married in May...
June - Midsummer in Copenhagen OR the Faroe Islands (is that how you spell it?)
July - maybe a stint to the cottage? maybe a trip to Brussels?
August - HOLIDAY!!! definitely/maybe a trip to California

Oh, and hopefully some crayfish at some point...

Love and hugs to all, keep in touch!