Friday, August 03, 2007

Cottage life...

Ha, today I get my weekend at the Cottage! Loooovely, so far they've predicted nice weather so thumbs up.
I plan to finish the Harry Potter book. only a few hundred pages left.
Other than that I'll just chill. I will be in the sun, sipping some wine or something nice, no stress.

Alternatively it will be pissing down with rain and we will be stuck inside doing crosswords. Hopefully not.


Thursday, August 02, 2007

I AM Harry Potter

Seriously, how dumb can a person be...

I managed to get a scar in my forehead, now how "last year" isn't that! Well... I was falling a sleep, had one of those twitches/spasms that one get when falling asleep... and that resulted in a scar :)

And this all relates to Harry Potter cos I'm reading the last one, 20 chapters read, still many to go. Quite good so far, but not THAT amazing.

Other than that, the last 2 months have been busy... I've been working my ass off, no vacation. (but we're gonna go to Italy in September, I managed to rake up enough OT hrs).

Jiihaa! waiting for the sun!